Department of Library

The M.P.H. library is central library located in main building area of 158.86 sq.mts. Started since inception of the college. The library is safe, confortable, well lighted, and clean is having adequate facilities. The library is automated with library has LAN and an internet facility. The library is open 8:30 A.M. to 5:30P.M. for staff & students. College is running classes from first year of B.A. B.Com, M.A. Marathi, History, Music. To satisfy the needs of the students, faculty procures the library textbooks, reference books, supporting books and the subject journals and periodicals in all subjects besides this current topics from National and regional Newspapers.

The Heads of the respective departments, faculty members and students suggest the titles of the books to be purchased. Considering the needs of the books, number of students the library procures the reading material. The library advisory committee plays an important role in it’s functioning. The books procured are accessioned manually and computerizes also. The books are classified by the colon classification system and arranged on the shelves in the stack room. At present library holding 21497 books including text books, reference books, various types of encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries. The library subscribes 55 periodicals, journals & Newspapers.


To bring Higher education within the reach of all women who seek it..


  • To provide quality information resources in support of academic and research needs of students and faculties.
  • To provide education that promotes capacity building and holistic development of a person.
  • Objectives:

  • 1. To create an information for students and staff
  • 2. To avail access to INFLIBNET.
  • 3. To offer polite and prompt service to library users
  • 4. To create a pleasant ambiance for self-learning process
  • 5. Indexing of all data for easy reference
  • 6. To facilitate more search options by providing additional keywords
  • 7. Design topic related web links downloaded from internet and save on our server
  • 8. To collect data from student and teaching faculty and store it for future reference
  • Library At A Glance

    • Total No. of books -21497
    • Total No. of Titles -9590
    • Total No. of Text books -8411
    • Total No. of Reference books -13086
    • Total cost of the books - 42,99,060.00/-
    • Total No. of Donated books -545
    • Total No. of bound volume -750
    • Total No. of News Papers -10
    • Total No. of Journals/Periodicals -50
    • E-Books -31,35,000+
    • E-Journals -6000+
    • Total No. of CD’s -160
    • Weeding out books -3498
    • MRP Books -352
    • Manuscripts -60


  • -Home lending- 1 book for 7 days (extendable)
  • -The library is kept open more than 10 hours every day
  • -Open access for all students,staff and visitors
  • -Internet browsing
  • -Online access to E-journals and E-Books
  • -Photocopying, printing and scanning facility
  • -Newspaper Clipping
  • -Reference service
  • -Question Paper Sets
  • -SMS,Mail services
  • -Newspaper section
  • -Periodical section
  • -Reading room facility
  • -New arrival section
  • -Book Bank
  • -Books for competitive exam such as SET,NET,MPSC,UPSC etc
  • -Email facility to communicate users
  • -Photocopying facility (Reprography) and Printing services
  • -Computerization of library database with standard software
  • -N-list online book facility
  • Rules and Regulations

  • 1. Members are required to carry their I-card to gain entry in the library.
  • 2. The given library card is to be made in the daily register kept in the library.
  • 3. A compulsory entry is to be made in the daily register kept in the library
  • 4. Bags are to be deposited at the luggage counter.
  • 5. Silence is mandatory in the study areas loud conversations forbidden.
  • 6. Charging mobile phones,laptops and Personal audio equipment use is not premiered
  • Library Users

  • Senior College faculty members
  • Senior college (UG+PG) students
  • Administrative staff
  • Other users
  • Sr. No. Particulars Quantity
    1 Seating capacity of reading room 50
    2 No. of books in the library 21497
    3 No.of Journals Subscribed 50


    -Annual books exhibition on different occasions.
    -Different activities under MOU
    -Dept of library conducts certificate course to enhance students’ knowledge.
    - Organizes user surveys periodically (feedback)
    -The library Committee meetings are held periodically
    -Training for E-resources.

    Computerization of Library:

    The college Library was using ‘’Vruddhi” Library Management software.Library is now switched to “Campus 360” software.Library is providing N-List Inflibnet associated e-resources which provides e-books,e- journals.Students are connected through whatsapp and telegram group to get e-books and PDF books facilities.

    Information Display Boards:

    Newspaper clippings on various topics such as MPSC/UPSC Examinations/Staff selection advertisements,career opportunities,articles related to education etc.are periodically displayed on notice boards.Library has display boards. Clippings are also displayed on the notice boards at staff room, administrative office. Bibliographic compilation of library collection.

    Library users attendance:

    Separate attendance registers are kept at main entrance for students and staff.

    Clearance certificate:

    Clearance certificate is issued to students and staff after they return belongings at the end of the academic year.


    The students of college library are issued 2 cards.One card is issue card for issuing books and second one is ID card for identifying the student.

    Library Orientation:

    Library is a service oriented body.The services are aimed at spreading the library as a source of enlightment and education and thus help to better utilization of the library services.They know specific locations of different types of materials and the privileges the library provides them. Encourage students to use the library by motivation.

    Books Donation Activity-

    Books donation activity has been taken by Department of Library from the year 2021-2022.In this activity different books are donated to the library by professors and students of our college.Around 77 different books are donated and registered in the library till date.These books are available for student’s parents and former students of our college.Books on various subjects are available to the readers. The aim is to increase interest in reading among various readers in the society.

    Future plans

    -To renovate existing reading hall with necessary reading facilities
    -To increase volumes of E-resources.

    List of Newspapers:

    Maharashtra Times
    Times of India (English)
    Divya Marathi

     Periodicals /Journals:

  • 1) पंचधारा (Quarterely)
  • 2) अस्मितादर्श (Quarterely)
  • 3) कविता रती (Monthly)
  • 4) सक्षम समीक्षा (Quarterely)
  • 5) आमची श्रीवाणी (Monthly)
  • 6) ललित(Monthly)
  • 7) साधना (साप्ताहिक)
  • 8) अंधश्रद्धा निर्मूलन वार्तापत्र (Monthly)
  • 9) संशोधक
  • 10) अक्षरा
  • 11) योजना (मराठी)
  • 12) शेतकरी
  • 13) संगीत कला विहार
  • 14) उद्योजक
  • 15) Littcrit
  • 16) Electronic for you
  • 17) साक्षात्कार
  • 18) समाज प्रबोधन पत्रिका
  • 19) सत्याग्रही विचारधारा
  • 20) भारतीय इतिहास आणि संस्कृती
  • 21) व्यापारी मित्र
  • 22) PCMB Physics today Chemistry todayMathematics for you Biology today (Monthly)
  • 23) आंदोलन शाश्वत विकासासाठी (Quarterly)
  • 24) यशाची परिक्रमा (मासिक)
  • 25) Psychologs (Monthly)
  • 26) India Today(Hindi)
  • 27) साम्ययोग साधना
  • 28) Science Reporter
  • 29) सखी सुखप्रदा
  • 30) सोच विचार
  • 31) समय सुरभी अनंत
  • 32) वार्तापत्र
  • 33) साहित्य अमृत
  • 34) मंगल प्रभात
  • 35) हिन्दी जगत
  • 36) हास्य मंथन
  • 37) नागरी संगम
  • 38) सकाळ तनिष्का
  • 39) चिंतन आदेश
  • 40) तनिष्का
  • 41) ओमशांती मीडिया
  • 42) सत्याग्रही विचारधारा
  • 43) राष्ट्रवाणी
  • 44) ज्ञानामृत
  • 45) महाअनुभाव
  • 46) चाणक्य मंडळ
  • 47) भाषा आणि जीवन
  • 48) सक्षम समीक्षा
  • 49) साक्षात्कार
  • 50) शब्द मल्हार
  • 51) भारतीय इतिहास आणि संस्कृती
  • Journals Under DBT Syllabus

  • 1) Indian Journal Of Natural Sciences
  • 2) International Journal of Chemistry and Applications
  • 3) International Journal Zoology Studies
  • 4) Acta Entemology and Zoology
  • 5) International journal of Computational Maths and Numerical Simulation
  • 6) Journal of Mathematical problems, equations and statistics
  • 7) Current Science
  • 8) American Journal of essential oils and Natural products
  • Library Advisory Committee:

    Sr.No. Name Designation
    1 Prin. Dr. Rajani Patil Chairman
    2 Prof. P. R. Deore. Secretary
    3 Dr. Deepanjali Borse Member
    4 Dr. Tejaswini Sonatakke Member
    5 Dr. Vaijayanti Ramavat Member
    6 Smt G. A. Shinde Member
    7 Miss. Laxmidevi Gupta Member

    Library Staff

    Sr.No. Name Qualification Designation Job Description
    1 Prof. Pradnya R. Deore M.A.M.Lib.NET Librarian Administration &Management of the library
    2 Shri. Jadhav P.K. M.A. Library Attendant In-Charge of data entry and accessions, In-Charge of circulation counter
    3 Shri. Kapadnis K.K. B.Com Library Attendant In-Charge of cleanliness of main library and in-charge of circulation counter

    E Resourses/YouTube Links

    Open Access newspapers:

    Online Journals :

    Online access e-books :

    E Resourses/YouTube Links

    Sr.No. Name Links
    1 MPH Mahila Mahavidyalaya Malegaon view
    2 Dr.Meenakshi Patil Amrutanubhav view
    3 Dr.Snehal Marathe view
    4 Doctorate Cyclist Lahanu view
    5 Dr.Vaijayanti Ramavat view
    6 Prof.Deepali Chandramore view
    7 Prof.Shilpa Yennavar view
    8 Dr.Yogita Ghumare view
    9 Prof.Aasiya Idrees view


    Sr.No. Name Links
    1 Inflibnet view
    2 N-List view
    3 e-Shodhsindhu view
    4 e-pg pathshala view
    5 N-list Journals download view

    Audio-Video study material for Divyangan Students

    Sr.No. Name of Audio and Video Study material Link to the relevant Study material
    1 Syllabus based Audio Lectures for Commerce(F.Y.B.Com.) students NANNplDoDZRsSeix5Ojyr?usp=sharing
    2 Syllabus based Audio lectures for F.Y.B.A Dist Edu
    3 Syllabus based Audio Lectures for S.Y.B.A.
    4 Syllabus based Audio Lectures for T.Y.B.A.
    5 Syllabus based Audio Lectures for T.Y.B.A.Sem 5
    6 Syllabus based Audio Lectures for M.A.
    7 You tube links Lectures based on syllabus
    8 You tube links Lectures based on syllabus

    International open access Journals

    Sr.No. Name Links
    1 International Journal educational innovation and research view
    2 International Journal educational innovation and research view
    3 Physical education and University sports view
    4 Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching and Learning view
    5 Journal of multidisciplinaryevaluation view
    6 Asian journal of Mathematics Education view

    E-learning course platform



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    .. Unacademy