Roles and Responsibilities


  • 1. Overall supervision of activities of IQAC
  • 2. To approve the minutes of meeting
  • 3. Communication of decisions taken during IQAC meeting to the management
  • 4. Approval authority for SOPs
  • Coordinator

  • 1. To ensure active participation of all members in meetings/deliberations
  • 2. To co-ordinate activities of IQAC
  • 3. To ensure adherence of IQAC functioning as per SOPs
  • 4. Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)
  • 5. Scheduling of meetings, preparation of the agenda and minutes of the meeting
  • 6. Maintain documents relating to IQAC activities
  • 7. Updating of SOPs as and when required
  • Members:

  • 1. To attend the meetings of IQAC regularly
  • 2. To participate actively in preparation of AQAR
  • 3. To contribute actively in academic audit
  • 4. To participate actively in all other activities of IQAC
  • Functioning of IQAC:

    Criterion in-charge:

    One member of IQAC is nominated as NAAC Coordinator. Criterions are distributed among the faculty for the smooth functioning of NAAC. Criteria in-charge will be responsible for the activities falling under their respective criterion. In-charge shall co-opt members other than IQAC members. Members of each criterion shall hold meetings as and when required

    Sr.No. Criterion In-charge
    NAAC Coordinator Dr. Veena M. Nare
    1 Curricular Aspects Prof. J. P. Dixit
    2 Teaching- Learning Dr. Atul S. Kale
    3 Research, Innovations Extension Dr. Smita Harane
    4 Infrastructure and Learning Resources Dr. Tejaswini Sontakke
    5 Student Support and Dr. Meena F. Patil
    6 Governance, Leadership Management Dr. Deepanjali K. Borse
    7 Institutional Values and Best Practices Dr. Gautam L. Kolte

    Meetings of IQAC:

    Members will meet on 4th Saturday of every month. Additional meetings may be held as and when required. Coordinator in consultation with chairperson decides the agenda and sends communication to all members. The date, time, venue and agenda of the meeting will be communicated to the members at least one week in advance. Minutes of the meeting will be sent to the members by e mail and uploaded to institutional website also.

    Academic audit:

    Academic audit will be done after completion of the academic year. Schedule of the audit will be finalized by the Chairperson after discussion with the members during IQAC meeting. Audit will be done as per the Academic audit module. Audit reports submitted by the auditors are sent to the departments for corrective action.

    Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR):

    AQAR will be prepared and discussed during IQAC meeting. Finalised AQAR will be placed before Managing Committee for the approval and the approved AQAR will be submitted to the NAAC.

    IQAC Committee:

    College has constituted IQAC Committee under the chairmanship of the Head of the Institution with Vice Principal, Academic Supervisor, IQAC Coordinator and a few teachers. It helps for planning and monitoring the activities. It is necessary for the members of the IQAC to shoulder the responsibilities and to devote time for working out the procedural details.

    Sr.No. Name Designation
    1 Prin. Dr. Mrunal Bhardwaj Chairperson
    2 Dr. Deepanjali K. Borse Vice-Principal/ IQAC Coordinator
    3 Dr. Veena M. Nare NAAC Coordinator
    4 Dr. Tejaswini Sontakke Academic Supervisor
    5 Dr. Sandip B. Nahire Assistant Coordinator
    6 Prof. Navneeta S. Desale Member
    7 Dr. Yogita D. Ghumare Member
    8 Dr. Pradnya Survase Member

    Tenure of membership:

  • The membership of members shall be for a period of two years.
  • Contact Details of M P H Mahila Mahavidyalya’s IQAC:
  • • Phone Number: 02554-250827
  • • Email:
  • • Corresponding address:
  • M. P. H. Arts, Sci. and Com Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Loknete Vyankatrao Hiray Marg, Malegaon Camp. Tal Malegaon Dist. Nashik