• Expert lectures on Family Planning & Child Development are organized by Staff Academy, Students council, Students Welfare Cell, Adult Education, NSS etc. for Academic and extension system. Various Programmes like lectures of the fellow faculty have been organized by above committees. The Students’ welfare committee has been undertaking the duties to implement Learn and Earn Scheme and the constitution of students’ council etc. Besides these programmes, following are the additional activities run by different concerned committees.

  • 1. Promotion of the fundamental moral values through NSS, Samarth Bharat Abhiyan, Cultural Activities, sports etc.
  • 2. Organization of Blood Donation Camps.
  • 3. Organization of Bicycle rally for environmental awareness.
  • 4. Organization Expert Lectures through staff academy for health awareness
  • 5. Organization of Senior Citizens’’ workshops and empowerment of women workshop.
  • 6. Organization of Special NSS camp for cleanliness awareness.
  • 7. Organization of street Plays through NSS for AIDS awareness.
The above organizations ensure the promotion of good responsible citizenship.
• The college has organized cookery competitions in collaboration with Lioness club of Malegaon.
• The college has organized workshops in collaboration with Senior Citizens organizations.
• The Counselling Centre:
The psychology department of the college has started counseling centre in which a counseling by the experts in the respective fields have been made available to the students on marriage counseling, family planning and child development. The Dept. of Psychology is one of the well-established counseling centers since 2008. It has many achievements in the form of accomplishment of clients as well as center. These counselors have been actively activated the marriage counseling along with child counseling.
• Application of Counselling
Average 10 married women for the year were provided marriage and child development counseling successfully. The counselling center of the college will be activated and popularized; advertised in the local Newspapers as well as through handouts for the benefit of the local society in the near future. The psychological tests on the child development and Child Abuse Test and Married Attitude and Interest Test will be purchased soon. • College Examination Committee:
The college has constituted the college examination committee for the smooth conduct of the college and university exams. The students’ grievances regarding evaluation are redressed and guidance in this connection is provided by this committee. The college has also constituted the college grievance redressal cell to redress the college level grievances. The guidance pertaining to evaluation, verification of marks and facility of getting photo copy of the answer book is provided by this committee.

Research and Consultancy Committee:
The college has constituted the Research and Consultancy Committee for inculcating the research activities in different faculties.
Composition of the Committee
The principal
The Vice-Principal
Two senior faculty researchers

Office superintendent etc. are the composite of the college research committee. Functions of the committee
• To facilitate and encourage the research culture among the faculty and students.
• To motivate the faculty to submit major and minor projects either to UGC or BCUD, University of Pune.
• To encourage the students to participate in the research activities i.e. Avishkar Research Festival, competitions
• To nurture the faculty for publishing Research Papers in the Research Journals.
• To encourage and depute the faculty as well as the students for presentation of papers in the conferences, organizing seminars and conferences etc.
• Increase the number of faculties in acquiring M.Phil. and PhD degrees.
The college encourages the faculty to participate in the research activities like M.Phil. and Ph.D. etc. The college deputes the faculty for these programmes encourages for publication of papers in National and International journals as well as for seminars and conferences.
• The college encourages the faculty for getting financial assistance from the BCUD, University of Pune and the UGC.
• The college grants the study leave as per the rules and by the consultancy and permission of the Management. All amenities which are available at the college for instance infrastructure, laboratories, computer and internet facilities and library etc. required for the research are provided to the researchers.

Student Welfare Division

The college has student’s welfare division for students support.
• Rs 65000/- were utilized to cater the expense of earn and learn scheme for the year 2018-19. On an Average 50 students benefited by this scheme every year.
• Rs 15000/- were utilized to cater the expense of Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan for the year 2018-19. 200 students benefited this year.
• Rs 25000/- were utilized as the expense of Disaster Management for the year 2018-19. 350 students benefited this year.
• Rs 15000/- were utilized as the expense of workshop on Biodiversity & its Prospectus for the year 2018-19. 350 students benefited this year.
• Insurance of Rs.10 per student for the year 2019-20 has been made available by the university for the students.
• Rs. 50,000/- are provided to the students in case of accidents while Rs. 01 lac are provided to the students on death case as an assistance.
• 04 workshops / programs including student personality development, special guidance scheme, Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan along with earn and learn scheme Disaster Management and Biodiversity & its Prospectus were arranged for the benefit of students.
• Identity cards are provided to the student and faculty to ensure safety and security. Fire extinguishers are placed at various places in the college.
• Police protection is invited whenever it is required.

Cultural Activity

• State level Singing Competition was been organized to mark the 90th Birth Day of our Chief Patron, Mahilaratna Smt. Pushpatai Hiray on 20th January 2020 to enhance the music competencies among the students. Renowned classical singer Shri. Sanjiv Abhyankar, hon’ble Dr. Apoorvebhau Hiray and Hon’ble Sampadadidi Hiray were the Chief-guests of this function.
• Wall magazines, college annual magazines along with various competitions such as essay writing, debating etc. are conducted in the college throughout the year.
• The college constitutes students council every year.

Competitive Exams Guidance Cell

• The college has established the Competitive Exams Guidance Cell. The committee invites expert guest lecturers in this field.
• The study material required for the competitive exams is made available to the students.
• A communication skills development programme for the month and soft skills development programme for ten days are regularly arranged by the college.
• Personal counseling, guidance and coaching is provided by the faculty to the interested students.
• The cell organizes lectures twice in a week. i.e. on every Wednesday and Saturday

Women Grievances Redressal Cell

The college has constituted Women Grievances Redressal Cell (Mahila Takrar Nivaran Samittee) against sexual harassment of women students as per the University directive. Regular meetings are called by this cell in presence of the student representatives. The functioning of the cell is communicated to the students in the Principal’s address at the commencement of academic year. The government rules and regulations regarding this committee are displayed on notice board from time to time. Anti-ragging and discipline committees also function to prevent sexual harassment. Being the Women’s college, no such incident has occurred yet as it is a good sign of our institute. The committee is prompt to act upon these issues if occurred in the near future. The committee comprises the Principal, the Vice Principal, a senior lady teacher, two lady teacher and two lady students.

College Committees

The lists of the various committees are constituted for the management of different institutional activities are as follows.
Admission and Discipline, XII Plan Committee, Students Welfare Committee, Students Grievance Redressal Cell, Alumni and Parents Association, Academic Calendar and Time Table, Examination Committee, College Magazine, Staff Academy, Publicity, Cultural Activities, Celebration of Anniversaries, Student Medical Checkup, Gymkhana, Social Science Association, Science Association, Literary Association, Commerce Associations, Excursion and Tours, Extra Mural Activities Centre (Bahishal Shikshan Mandal), Adult Education Committee, Staff Room Committee, NSS, Students Council, Competitive Examination Guidance Cell, Samatrh Bharat Abhiyan , Campus Beautification, Govt. Scholarships, Roll Call and Students Feedbacks, Soft Skills Development, Debating and Elocution, NAAC Coordination Committee , IQAC, Students Counseling Committee , Vocational Courses Committee, Library Advisory Committee, Placement Cell, Anti-ragging Committee, Planning and Evaluation Committee, Nature Club, Value Addition Services, Community Services, Research and Consultancy Committee etc.
Special Guidance to SC/ST/OBC under Remedial and Higher Proportions Special guidance to SC/ ST/OBC categories under Remedial and Higher Proportion Courses under the scheme of the UGC-
The college has constituted a committee for the implementation of the scheme of special guidance to the SC/ST/OBC (Backward Classes Students). The students of lower rank are scrutinized for the remedial coaching. Stipend of Rs. 500.00 is given to these students as an incentive besides extra remedial coaching on the topics from English, Economics, Mathematics and Accountancy et. Whereas the students of higher ranks are grouped for under the Higher Proportion. These students are taught the same subjects thoroughly.